Air Conditioner Insulation Foam Replacement

As a reliable ac repair company we provide air conditioner insulation foam replacement services to keep your system running efficient. One of the easiest ways to lose efficiency on your air conditioning system is to have no insulation or lack of insulation on your outdoor a/c lines. The foam insulation that is wrapped around the larger copper pipeline going into your home from the outdoor condenser unit. The foam can wear from weather conditions and start to fall off. The condensation that is coming from the air conditioning unit will show on the outside of the larger a/c line and this means you are losing efficiency when cooling your home during the warm summer months in the Miami, FL area.

AC Repair In Miami

How to replace and repair the foam insulation on your central or split system air conditioner.

The first step is to tear away and scrape away the old foam wrapping and excess sealing tape. This will ensure your line is clean and clear for the new insulation. If you don’t perform this ac repair properly you’ll be paying too much for your utility bills and your air will not be cooled to the correct temperature.

By contacting our Miami AC Repair company we can supply you with the correct type of Poly Tape and Insul-Lock Insulation Tubing Foam and we will get this ac replacement part for you at a reasonable rate!

You will need to measure the diameter of the larger air conditioning pipeline so you order the correct size of insulation. Insul-Lock foam will not become rotten like other materials so it will provide long-lasting protection. Also measure the length between your outside wall and the outdoor condensing unit of your air cooling system so you know how much tubing wrap you will need.

Now it is time to install the new foam! This is the easy part of this ac repair project. Begin by slipping the foam over the large tubing but be sure the cork tape is applied first. There will be an adhesive liner that needs to be removed from the foam then align the strip along the copper pipe. As you align it along the pipe press the seam together so the glue will dry properly.

You have now completed this effective ac repair job and now your central air system will function and have maximum energy efficiency! If you can’t do this project alone then call our professional company for AC Repair In Miami today and we will schedule a routine service call to fix your rotten a/c insulation.

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